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3280 yen Seasonal Skewer Deep Fried Course

3280 yen Seasonal Skewer Deep Fried Course

3280 yen

All-you-can-drink at 5,000 yen

  • 2-20persons

Our popular NO1 course.Seasonal deep-fried skewers 12 ♪ Great satisfaction course ♪ Refreshing refreshing dish dishes, Ochazuke at the end is also attached.We will also respond to weak ingredients and requests.

Course menu

Dating forward

Vegetable platter

Refreshing dishes one day dishes

Deep-fried creative skewers this month

1 Shrimp roll of big leaves

2 Pork fillet

3 a yuu


5 kisses of plum meat on top

6 Tri-fold roll of the sea bream

7 Koala kombu

8 Tap nard roll

9 The scallop of the scallops

10 Shimeji bacon winding

11 Mushroom cream cheese packing

12 Green asparagus

※ The type of skewer varies depending on the arrival status of ingredients.Please note.

Special sauce and chazuke (plum · spicy cane · salt kelp · stem wasabi)

(7) Hito Solve

■■■ All-you-can-drink plan with 2H ■■■

5,000 yen

2018/09/12 update